Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Does getting rubberbands for your braces mean you are almost done?

does it mean you are almost done with getting braces or nothing at all?
Not necessarily, I had rubberbands for about a year before I had my braces taken off but it is very important that you use them as directed by your orthodontist because my braces weren't supposed to come off until 2 years but because I used them often as my orthodontist directed and mine came off after 1 year and 4 months. So rubberbands really do work and help your smile... follow your doctor's instructions.
nope now you got to wait a while for those work thier magic :)
nope, i had rubber bands for a year before i got mine off
I think so. I'm getting mine off at the end of the summer and I got rubber bands about a month ago.
it depends on your orthodontist! i got my rubberbands a month or 2 before i got mine off. they make you wear rubberbands to fix overbites...
not necessarily...but you are a step closer! Make sure you wear them because if u dont u will have to wear your braces longer...trust me i know!
Depends on what needs to be done. Although, the majority of people I know that had elastics where at the end of their treatment. They all had to wear them for 2 months. The appointment after, their braces were removed.With that said, every case and every ortho is different. For instance, I also know someone who had elastics on her first adjustment (she is now 21 weeks into her treatment, no time given when the bands can come off).

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